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My absolute favorite sit-com of all time is Frasier. Love the setting, location, style, humor… Needless to say, I have entire episodes memorized. My daughter, Chloe, has since picked up on my dreadful habit of serial-watching and we’ll often go through the day and come across a person/situation and, “Oh my gosh, that’s such a Daphne thing…”. We’ll look at each other knowingly- I promise, there’s a point here.

As a radio psychologist, Kelsey Grammer’s famous tagline is, “Go ahead, Caller- I’m listening.” And of course, he has his producer, Roz, screening calls, making sure that only the good calls come through… Usually. And I find myself in kind of the same situation with the launch of CafeRealtor (still in the first stages of beta testing so feedback is appreciated). I’ve opened myself up to all sorts of communication- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn (looking into Pinterest), all without a “Roz” of my own, making sure that only the good info comes through. And you know what?  I’m okay with that.


seattle skyline-2

Photo by Brett Missick


I want the world to come in and visit. I want to know what you think, what you need Real Estate wise… And if that means sitting down with a few folks who maybe just need a listening ear, instead, then bring it on. You never know when that might lead to a friendship. And even if that friendship never leads to a commission, it’s time well spent. You are important to me. Business is made up of more than money and what I can get. It’s relationship, it’s face-to-face communication and mutual respect. It’s sometimes vulnerability and honesty- I guess what I’m saying is, “Go ahead Caller, I’m listening.”


So, as of this moment, ready or not, CafeRealtor is open for business. And in case you’re wondering where my favorite hang out is, I can usually be found at the Roseville Square Starbucks (it’s where all the cool kids go), 415 Roseville Square, Roseville, CA 95678. You can schedule a coffee date with me by going to or feel free to text/call/email… And hey, I’d love to connect via social media- That’s where all of my latest news can be found!

(916) 580-7464

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Yeah, you read that right, I’m re-branding. Already. And before I get into the very simple reason why, let me take a moment to address the critics that have popped up over my last blog post… And done.

Okay! So the whole idea of re-branding usually takes place after pushback from whatever market you’re in- advertising, retail, sales, manufacturing, etc. You see a problem, maybe a lack of excitement for what you’re offering (?) and instead of pushing a bad position, you change it up! No sweat.

But what happens when you get out in front of the crush? Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” So here we go…


By the way, this is Jon’s cup.

The term Cafe Realtor popped into my head sometime this a.m. when I was thinking about the awesome people I run into on a daily basis. And more often than not, I’m sitting in my usual spot at my favorite coffee shop, watching the world walk by. I kid you not, I have met more clients at Starbucks than anywhere else. Especially lately.

So here’s my thought. I’m going to set up shop right here, in my small corner of the world and buy coffee for anyone who wants honest answers to their Real Estate questions. Buyers, Sellers, Maybe-In-The-Sometime-Distant-Future property participants… You’re all welcome!

And who knows- maybe over a cup of joe, your dreams can become reality.

So call/text me for a coffee date. My treat.

(916) 580-7464

And feel free to stop by… I can usually be found at 415 Roseville Square, Roseville, CA 95678

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The Stage

William Shakespear wrote, “All the world’s a stage”… and while some folks may need exactly that much space, most of us just need our own corner of it. Being an [extremely] amateur actor myself, I can appreciate what the right size stage can do for a production. Too big and the players get lost, dwarfed by overwhelming blackness and the sheer mass of nothingness (there’s nothing quite like being upstaged by The Stage). And obviously, if it’s too small, well- let’s just say that sardines have a better chance of survival.

For the majority of us, however, life doesn’t take place on a stage, it’s played out every day in the relative comfort of our homes. We show up- dressed (or not) for the occasion. We laugh, cry, learn, play, interact… And hopefully, the four walls surrounding us are the perfect size for the production that we put on. But when it’s not?


I believe this is a Frank Lloyd Wright Design… a beautiful stage.

Too big, and we feel swallowed up. Maybe even a bit at loose ends- the sound of a fellow mate too far away to make a difference. Too small and the inevitable roller derby style jockeying for position sometimes ensues, leaving us scurrying to find a quiet corner to lick our mental wounds. Hopefully, though, we find that perfect setting for life to take place. An oasis of ideal proportion that gives each occupant the perfect amount of space for expression…

So, I guess the question would be, how does your “stage” feel to you?

-Celeste Bates

(916) 580-7464