Open For Business

My absolute favorite sit-com of all time is Frasier. Love the setting, location, style, humor… Needless to say, I have entire episodes memorized. My daughter, Chloe, has since picked up on my dreadful habit of serial-watching and we’ll often go through the day and come across a person/situation and, “Oh my gosh, that’s such a Daphne thing…”. We’ll look at each other knowingly- I promise, there’s a point here.

As a radio psychologist, Kelsey Grammer’s famous tagline is, “Go ahead, Caller- I’m listening.” And of course, he has his producer, Roz, screening calls, making sure that only the good calls come through… Usually. And I find myself in kind of the same situation with the launch of CafeRealtor (still in the first stages of beta testing so feedback is appreciated). I’ve opened myself up to all sorts of communication- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn (looking into Pinterest), all without a “Roz” of my own, making sure that only the good info comes through. And you know what?  I’m okay with that.


seattle skyline-2

Photo by Brett Missick


I want the world to come in and visit. I want to know what you think, what you need Real Estate wise… And if that means sitting down with a few folks who maybe just need a listening ear, instead, then bring it on. You never know when that might lead to a friendship. And even if that friendship never leads to a commission, it’s time well spent. You are important to me. Business is made up of more than money and what I can get. It’s relationship, it’s face-to-face communication and mutual respect. It’s sometimes vulnerability and honesty- I guess what I’m saying is, “Go ahead Caller, I’m listening.”


So, as of this moment, ready or not, CafeRealtor is open for business. And in case you’re wondering where my favorite hang out is, I can usually be found at the Roseville Square Starbucks (it’s where all the cool kids go), 415 Roseville Square, Roseville, CA 95678. You can schedule a coffee date with me by going to or feel free to text/call/email… And hey, I’d love to connect via social media- That’s where all of my latest news can be found!

(916) 580-7464

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