The Stage

William Shakespear wrote, “All the world’s a stage”… and while some folks may need exactly that much space, most of us just need our own corner of it. Being an [extremely] amateur actor myself, I can appreciate what the right size stage can do for a production. Too big and the players get lost, dwarfed by overwhelming blackness and the sheer mass of nothingness (there’s nothing quite like being upstaged by The Stage). And obviously, if it’s too small, well- let’s just say that sardines have a better chance of survival.

For the majority of us, however, life doesn’t take place on a stage, it’s played out every day in the relative comfort of our homes. We show up- dressed (or not) for the occasion. We laugh, cry, learn, play, interact… And hopefully, the four walls surrounding us are the perfect size for the production that we put on. But when it’s not?


I believe this is a Frank Lloyd Wright Design… a beautiful stage.

Too big, and we feel swallowed up. Maybe even a bit at loose ends- the sound of a fellow mate too far away to make a difference. Too small and the inevitable roller derby style jockeying for position sometimes ensues, leaving us scurrying to find a quiet corner to lick our mental wounds. Hopefully, though, we find that perfect setting for life to take place. An oasis of ideal proportion that gives each occupant the perfect amount of space for expression…

So, I guess the question would be, how does your “stage” feel to you?

-Celeste Bates

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